I am a contemporary artist. My work spans from abstract conceptualism to portraits. I like to explore how nature and the figure can be redefined to reveal new meaning. I utilize multiple mediums and processes to bring concepts to light, from new media and digital manipulation to painting, photography, and video. I strive to create lasting memories from the stream of disposable imagery that floods our society. In some of my work, I like to combine ephemeral photography from the internet with nature, color, textures, and shapes until the images evolve into a new, permanent symbol. Even though I start with a process-driven approach, emotive elements reveal itself to me as I work. Many pieces are infused with symbols of inner revelation, metamorphosis, and rebirth. By sourcing images from the daily barrage of digital media, I try to unearth a more lasting impression that may resonate with the viewer or at least with myself.


Lorraine Castle received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Wayne State University. She is currently preparing for upcoming group and solo exhibitions. Lorraine lives in Florida with her awesome husband.