Lorraine Castle is a visual content creator and photographer located in Florida. Lorraine specializes in social media and digital content for a brand, lifestyle, fashion, e-commerce, and entertainment markets. Her clients span from brands and social media agencies to media outlets, start-up businesses, and influencers.

"I like to capture mood and character in my work. I approach photography and video as an artist. I strive to make visual creations that intrigue the viewer, invoking them to react, even if it's just a smile and a heart emoji."

"Photography, video, and simple artistic musings celebrate what makes each of us unique; it's a thrill to capture images that create universal feelings and thoughts."

"I have a true passion for creating intriguing images. If you pause to look and look again, then I'm happy."


Lorraine Castle received her Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree with a concentration in Photography and Figurative Painting from Wayne State University. Castle has over 14 years experience in the arts and advertising. She has worked in commercial studios in Los Angeles and Metro Detroit. Lorraine lives in West Bradenton, Florida near Bradenton Beach, FL with her awesome husband.